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Customer Feedback

Jennifer K.

A Friend Recommended Me, And I'm Really Glad She Did. I Had No Idea There Was SOO Much Dirt In My Carpet.


Mary D.

Matt did a great job, very happy with the results.


Thomas T.

Outstanding job! Having clean carpets makes the whole house look newer. Since the cleaning last Friday, me and my wife had a party with a house full of people and the carpet still looks brand new. That teflon really works. Thanks again.


Sarah W.

Andrew was great, very personable and professional. and very very hard working, the place looks great.


Ted P.

Got my $400 deposit back for spending $50 bucks on a carpet job. Honestly, the carpet looks brand new. I'll probably call you guys again for my new place after I settle in.


David L.

Pretty small job, but I am truly impressed with the workmanship and the price, very nice job guys, keep it up.


Eddy F.

The carpet looks and smells great. Will definitely be calling you guys again.


Jack & Tina B.

Amazing job for the price, We've used Stanley Steamers before and the only difference we can see between the job they did and the one you did was the couple of hundred dollars we saved. Excellent job on the sectional too btw, count on our business for a long time.


Rachael M.

Technician was very polite and personable. was willing to work with me on the price for the much needed deep cleaning. very much appreciated.


Steve R.

Nobody who was seen my apartment before I called you guys can believe its the same place and it cost me less then $100 to get it done. +1


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